Elena Sonenshine & Jocose Jazz

Elena Sonenshine – vocals, Mirek Linka – guitar, Vladimír Strnad – piano, Petr Dvorský – double bass, Branko Križek – percussion

The sound of the Jocose Jazz band is dominated by the voice of Elena Sonenshine. Elena having studied at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA. These days, Elena participates in international jazz festivals, and her outstanding debut album ‘You Go To My Head’ had a USA release. The repertoire of the Jocose Jazz band includes thein own compositions, including interesting arrangements of traditional folk songs, and classical standards by A. C. Jobim, T. F. Waller and H. Silver, always arranged to suit the group’s style and instrumental complement.

Several times (last in 2009) Elena Sonenshine performed in a series of Jazz na Hradě concerts (Jazz at Prague Castle) organized under the auspices of the Czech president. In 2005 she toured the Czech Republic as the ambassador of the Philips International Jazz Festival, a year later she performed at the Prague Spring Festival and in 2007–2009 she performed in the USA, where, besides others, she also performed with pianist James Dower of the James Dower trio. Elena is also engaged in educational activities – she teaches privately and at various International jazz workshops in Prague. During the 2009/2010 season, Elena Sonenshine sings in the performance of Emotion Collection, performed by the Kolowrat Theatre, on the stage of the National Theatre, Prague.

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